Sun, 20 Oct 2013 03:30:00 GMT | By Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint aims to enhance market lead with “Re:Think. Re:Create. Expo”

Set to grow at 12% per year with 2013 revenue seen exceeding RM500 million

Nippon Paint, Malaysia’s current market leader in decorative paints with an estimated 35% market share, aims to enhance its leadership position.

As part of this effort and to heighten awareness amongst industry professionals that paint remains the most effective decorative building material, Nippon Paint is holding a “Re:Think. Re:Create. Expo” at its sprawling plant here.

This Expo – a walk-through of over 12,000 sq. feet of interior and exterior spaces – also showcases Nippon Paint as Malaysia’s only Total Coating Solutions provider.

“The “Re:Think. Re:Create. Expo” is designed specifically for immediate stakeholders – our dealers, painters, architecture and design industry professionals amongst others. Our goal is to value-add to our business partners by helping them keep abreast with paint technology. This enables them to offer better product recommendation when serving customers. For professionals, this product knowledge will assist in better specification of products for the design they have in mind,” said Mr Yaw Seng Heng, Managing Director for Nippon Paint Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

He said there is also rising interest in materials that are sustainable and manufactured responsibly. “Therefore, it is crucial for Nippon Paint as market leader to be constantly updated on the latest trends and requirements in order to serve our customers better.”

Spurred by this, Nippon Paint has intensified research and development to create more exciting and innovative products and solutions.

“We are looking to have more functionality, resilience, cost-effectiveness and products that are both eco and health friendly. Our Total Coating Solutions provide customers with the most comprehensive range of paints and coatings available in this market - to meet all needs, across all surfaces,” he said.

Innovation is crucial in an industry which is growing organically at 5% per annum, said Yaw. Defying all odds, Nippon Paint’s has been steadily growing with sales revenue quadrupling over the last 20 years. The group revenue for decorative paint hit over RM480 million last year – an increase of 12% from 2011. This year, the group expects revenue to exceed RM500 million.

Nippon Paint is in the forefront of paint innovation, investing 5% of its revenue in their research and development (R&D) programmes. Last year, it added another 12 acres to its Shah Alam plant to include a complete R&D facility.

Its emphasis on R&D has led Nippon Paint to develop over 10,000 paint formulations for the decorative and architectural, automotive, industrial, protective coatings and fishing vessel markets.

It has also been able to introduce many product ‘firsts’ – from the category changing Nippon Odour-less to Nippon Spot-less and Nippon Odour-less AirCare as well as Nippon Momento Special Effects paints touted as the new trend beyond colour.  And it continues to beat its own record.

Nippon Paint also has a strong distribution network with over 1,000 Colour Creations Machines (CCM) installed in dealerships across Malaysia - the most for any paint company. The CCM machines offer better management of product inventory for its dealers while ensuring customers have access to thousands of colours.

The “Re:Think. Re:Create. Expo” which is currently only open to business partners and industry professionals, features a showroom concept. It is divided into 3 main areas: Sky Garden, Lifestyle Condo and the Colour Creations Centre. Within these areas, Nippon Paint demonstrates the use of paint across the surfaces of walls to metal, glass, flooring, wood and more. It shows how paint and coatings can also be used as a form of protection and decoration on many other materials.

“Ultimately, we hope the Nippon Paint “Re:Think. Re:Create. Expo” will push the boundaries of paint, provoking our visitors to re-think paint and re-create possibilities for all their upcoming projects. This is a key strategy as we continue to grow the market through offering creative and sustainable solutions for the future,” said Yaw.