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Security issues and practices in your neighbourhood

Do resident stickers work as a safety measure in your neighbourhood area?

Security issues and practices in your neighbourhood (© BAZUKI MUHAMMAD\Newscom\RTR)

Decades ago, people living in houses did so with their gates and front doors wide open. Well, for one thing, the air wasn’t as polluted back then. There weren’t as many security guards circling around our neighbourhoods back then, it was mostly just the occasional citizen cop or two.

Today, there are still cases of break-ins within residential areas despite the guards who are constantly manning the boom gates. Sometimes, there are even snatch thefts where the criminals would enter just as the victim arrives home and snatches away their belongings at the blink of an eye. News of crime cases occurring almost anywhere are constantly heard of today and word travels even quicker with the help of social media.

Yes, you may be living in the comfort of your home surrounded by a peaceful community, but how safe is your neighbourhood truly? Does the hiring of guards help ease worries of residents when no one is at home or just strolling by the park?

Share with us some of the security measures practiced by the guards in your neighbourhood. What are some of the steps that we can take to ensure safety and trust in the community? Is your neighbourhood commonly targeted by criminals? And if so, why?

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Sep 3, 2013 6:50PM

Things changed. It is used to be a time where leaders listened to the people. Now it is a totally different story where leaders and rich citizens who can afford security have better protection (but gradually failing with high profile ones being successfully robbed) while ordinary citizens with meagre wages are left to fend for themselves


With the recent arrest of illegal immigrants, they failed to see the two big questions raised

a) Who is the one letting them in the first place?

b) According to Deputy Home Ministers, only 1% of the crimes are commited by foreigners. Meaning 99% are by locals. Why the highlight solely on them as if the blames are shifted to them just because they look similar to the locals


If you do not admit this facts, forever you will be blaming others just because of pride

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