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Anwar to defend Permatang Pauh

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim confirms he will defend his Permatang Pauh seat.


Despite rumours that Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will desert his Permatang Pauh seat in exchange for Tambun, Perak, the PKR leader addressed it by confirming his decision to defend the former. In a ceramah attended by hundreds of crowds in Taman Pauh, Anwar confirmed his decision which received thunderous applause from the crowd.

He had also revealed earlier on that since he wouldn't be contesting in Tambun, Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail, who is PKR's wanita youth chief will be doing so.

Anwar was Permatang Pauh's MP from 1982 onwards when he joined UMNO. When he was imprisoned for sodomy charges, his wife, Dr. Wan Azizah covered his seat in the 1999 General Election. Wan Azizah will not be contesting in the 2013 General Election.


Khairy Jamaluddin will not be contesting in GE13

Malaysia deserves better (An open letter from Lim Guan Eng)

Apr 5, 2013 10:01AM
Thats a good job he has done. I pray and hope he wins and let Najib and other BN candidates spend the rest of their life in jail.
Apr 5, 2013 11:05AM
Nice speech at permatang pauh..hopefully we change this malaysia government that full of there is a future for me and my children..REFORMASI!!!lawan tetap lawan..
Apr 5, 2013 6:47PM

i love pakatan hope for malaysia ............UBAH

Apr 5, 2013 6:41PM
fxxk the bn............useless government..............indonesia grow 10 to 15 percent, malaysia grow 3 to 5 percent,sing dollor 2.5.........rakyak pls wake up
Apr 5, 2013 9:31PM

emm...I think Anwar is more smarter and hansome than najib..

Apr 5, 2013 10:04PM

I don't know how dumb those UMNO goons here are


Summary :


Anwar in term of morality (by kacau daun) - He was acquited of the sodomy charge. You want to refer to the dictionary of that term?? Hence you guys should target Chua Soi Lek who is proven to be in a xx video. You are chasing illusions instead of reality.


Anwar in term of ec0n0my - He did record a surplus figure during his tenure as the finance minister. After he was sacked by Mahathir, Msia has been in a deficit for 15 years straight.


Anwar in term of looks (by kancil kereta) - I don't care if he looks like a goat, as long as he can perform, it doesn't matter. You should get your priority right


Anwar in term of speech - He speech impressed the crowd. Unlike BN who can only crack joke and talk nonsense in the party. Look at Najib, saying the wrong thing on national tv (ec0n0mic figures & wrong year during disolvement of parliament). Either he is dumb or his aides are dumb. But then again, he is the one who hire them, which makes him inept.


Anwar in term of fighting graft - Look at how many things he dugged out from BN's closet (NFC, Toyo, Taib (the final blow was from that NGO), million dollar bungalow minister, & etc). Najib? Sorry but I don't see anything there. Oh he did sign the integrity pledge, but that is it. Nothing more, nothing less

Apr 6, 2013 12:59AM

pakatan rakyat,new hope malaysian.


i love your all

Apr 7, 2013 2:30AM
                      To Anwar and the rest of the oppositions.. Please take heed.. this election realistically is your best chance.. there's no room for religions and ethnics squabbles.. please get all your act together and form a strong alternative govt pack.. with ONE and ONLY motive - "TO SERVE THE INTEREST OF RAKYAT MALYSIA, IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR BELIEFS OR ETHNICS BACKGROUND".. This is your chance to prove to "The Rakyat" that you make the different..

                     Please remembered.. do not play the con game with the rakyat.. the rakyat has more than a decade of experience in this field with BN.. you screwed it up, then you are history forever..
Apr 7, 2013 7:10AM
There is a lot of foreign workers been given IC, my MNC customers told me about this, their foreign workers left after getting IC. So this time, there will be a lot of phantom voters. We must vote, it is our right and responsibility. We must vote. 
Apr 6, 2013 3:33AM
Interesting thing about MSN Malaysia is that there seems to be much more pro Opposition news than BN news! MSN should look into who in MSN Malaysia decides what news to be put on the net. Hope to get more balanced news from MSN.
Apr 6, 2013 8:05AM
i think we need to change the govement...coz it's full of corruption, BN and Najib need to spend their live in Prison together with his wife. other country are doing so good but barisan sucks. trying to give BRIM and buy vote, no way barisan this time it's the end. this time go to the grave???? 
Seems like "MSN Malaysia news" is one of the best media channel in Malaysia!

In fact, I'm personally is very tired with all sorts of BN's style that always treating the rich and ignoring the POORS!!

Seriously, where DOES THE MONEY COMES FROM when BN distributed out vouchers or so call BR1M..... bla bla bla?

Really Malaysian need few hundred per year and just vote for BN??

Apr 7, 2013 2:04AM
Go ahead Dato Seri, you have done a great job so far. We need a change of government or at least a very strong opposition. May God bless you and your good works.
Apr 6, 2013 7:36AM
you see during Tun M time with his Minister of Finance **** TPM Malaysia was facing her hardest time to encounter e****mic recession. . .  . . . Tun M make full use whatever fund available in the country without giving a glance to pick up loan from IMF,  

People start throwing all sorts blames. . . . . 

Countries who took the IMF FUND suffers more than Malaysia regardless of how many billions of deficits nodded by DSAI. 

Yes, kalau benar Malaysia banyak hutang tapi ternafi daripada TERMS AND CONDITION sets by IMF.

Isn't that genius decision made by BN leaders. Isn't' we Malaysian is protected by BARISAN NASIONAL.


Apr 6, 2013 8:26PM
i will pray to god and vote for PK. Hope Anuar wins. we need to change this BN government, is already too long BN the ruling party, only bring **** to this beautiful country of ours. lets change it please
Apr 10, 2013 12:00AM

Remember All!


Why is it that Ms. Ambiaga of BERSIH is extremely vocal on the SPR (GE 13) BUT to my MOST SURPRISE she choose to remain SILENT regarding the VOTING IRREGULARITIES CONCERNING the RECENT DAP ELECTION?


Note: The issue is about INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENT and HONESTY which Ms. Ambiaga & Bersih has been advocating. Now where are those VALUABLE VIRTUES that they have been championing. IS IT ALL A LIE?

Apr 9, 2013 11:52PM

Remember All!


When Anwar was the TPM, Mr. Karpal Singh made the announcement that he has evidence proving that Anwar was 'MISBEHAVING' as a MAN. (Pls chec****he Internet if you can't remember). Now when Anwar (PKR) and Karpal (DAP) are politically sleeping in the same bed, all of a sudden Mr. Karpal Singh becomes TPTALLY SILENT regarding this matter.


Note: Pls chec****he historical facts regarding this matter before commenting.

Apr 8, 2013 4:09AM

Anwar Ibrahim!


As a human being, there were times when you have made mistakes but this time you made a wise decision. Had you pick Tambun (Perak) to contest then you would have seal you fate as the spineless leader of PR who abandon his constituents when victory COULD have been yours. However, I could not but wonder as to WHY would you want to GO to Tambun (Perak) even though you said it was a POLITICAL STRATEGIC MOVE especially when the Voters of Permatang Pauh have been so loyal to YOU. Could it be that I sense the POSSIBLE WIND OFCHANGE that could be sweeping in the AIR AROUND Permatang Pauh which could eventually SEAL YOUR FATE FINALLY as LEADER of PR for the very last time as AGE is catching up ON ALL OF US eventually.

Apr 9, 2013 3:09AM
Apr 6, 2013 6:33AM
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