Tue, 07 May 2013 04:45:00 GMT | By Tessa Houghton of Global Voices

Malaysia: Outrage Over Election Outcome

Global Voices point of view on the pouring outrage of fellow Malaysians over the outcome of GE13.

Malaysians from all walks of life are currently in a state of outrage following the outcome of the nation's 13th General Election, which has been marred with what appears to be widespread and massive electoral fraud and gerrymandering. Many social media users are blacking out their Facebook and Twitter avatars and walking silently in malls dressed in black to protest what is being described as the ‘death of democracy’ in Malaysia. Both the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR/'The People's Pact'), and Bersih (‘Clean'), the national movement for free and fair elections, are refusing to accept the official result, which has resulted inBarisan Nasional (BN/'The National Front'), the coalition which has governed the country for 56 years, being sworn into power for their 13th term running.

Despite gaining 53.5% of the popular vote in an election which saw over 84% voter turnout (the highest in Malaysia's history), PR only managed to secure 89 of 222 parliamentary seats, with BN taking 133 seats (with only 46.5% of the popular vote) to form the government.

The image below, which is being shared widely on Facebook, highlights the alleged offenses:

Malaysia: Outrage over election outcome

An image being shared amongst Malaysian Facebookers outlining the various acts of electoral fraud

Beyond the structural issues above, and other factors such as BN's political-economic control of Malaysia's offline media, the ‘indelible ink’ used to mark voters’ fingers was able to be cleaned off with very little effort, and was applied prior to marking the ballot paper, likely contributing to the huge numbers of ‘spoilt’ or rejected votes.

Malaysian citizens around Kuala Lumpur reported numerous instances of foreigners with suspect ID Kads trying to vote, with some coming back and trying to vote with up to four different ID Kads despite being chased away, with evidence leaked by the Sarawak Report linking the Prime Minister's Office to planeloads of suspect voters flown in to Selangor from East Malaysia.

May 7, 2013 3:33AM

YEAH totally agree that this election is really dirty, with the popular votes went to PR and seats won by then is too little compare to Najis group. Besides that how could it happen when around 8-10pm that PR had won majority of the states and parliment votes, while till the SPR announce ard 11.30pm to 1am which most of the opposition leading by big no and suddenly had lost by majority. For e.g Perak at 7.30-10.30 BN 3 & PR 29, final result BN31 PR28, and they keep holding bac****he declaration result and keep recount. it should have been recount in the 1st venue and besides that both parties had already recount and confirm on the result. therefore it should be final n not recount in SPR office again. Besides that all TV programme that shows the GE13 is horrible as they always deceive the audience as it on keep showing BN won while for states that they lost they dont even show the result. CRAP!!!! Should haven't should your BN logo in that TIMBANG whi**** SEIMBANG, should have been the TIMBANG berat sebelah

This is Utterly Nonsense GE13!!!!

MR Najis gang you might have won the GE13 with simple majority but you have never won the heart of the majority. anyway i just looking forward to see how you perform during this 5 years and you keep asking for chances for you to shine


May 7, 2013 4:31AM
On the 5th our friend passed away. Her funeral will be held in Stadium Kelana. Her name is Democracy.
May 7, 2013 4:00AM
Outraged? OF COURSE! Who in Malaysia wouldn't be? Except BN of course. This trick of theirs proves that they are no good dirty liars. You wan't these kind of people to lead Malaysia? Our country would then crumble. Blame the chinese, for what? This is Malaysia, a unity of race, dear Najib. You even had posters of yourself in a chinese cheongsam and yet you do this? You are such a hypocrite and a sohai. Malaysians have already spoken, a majority already doesn't want you BN as government. Yet you do this. In time, all of this will backfire on you and we the citizens will have the last laugh.
May 7, 2013 7:11AM
Dear Prime Minister,

You gave birth to the 1Malaysia ideology with the hope of bringing people of your country, regardless of race and religion, together. With the remarks you made on television after you claimed victory that a Chinese Tsunami has taken place, completely contradict what you have been trying to preach. It is so obvious that you were saying everything from your heart without thinking of repercussions. How do you expect your people to believe and trust you on your 1Malaysia ideology???

Last Sunday's election was "fair and clean" according to another statement of yours. Blatant incidents of fraud and cheating happened right in front of your people's eyes, so how can you expect your people to believe that the last election was "fair and clean"?????

It is now so obvious that you and members of your party think that Malaysians are STUPID! Wake up because it is time you realize Malaysians are indeed NOT STUPID, it is obvious you and members of BN are simply arrogant and perhaps ignorant? How then can anyone of you in BN answer to the Almighty Allah(for muslims), GOD (for non-muslims) for your actions??????
May 7, 2013 6:01AM
Well....another 5 years of corruptions and mis-used of rakyat money.
May 7, 2013 7:06AM

At this point, we can only hope that our dear DSAI could do his utmost to overcome this clear and obvious fraud problem. Malaysia has been a laughing stock by outsiders, countries near and far. No one with the right mind would have believed BN won fair and square.


Dear PM, you may have escaped this time around, but there will come a point when all the hard earn money that you have taken from the Rakyat will no longer cover any of your dirty politics. Karma will happen, and at that point, your friends, families and all that you hold dear and near to you will perish... You just wait and see...

May 7, 2013 9:44AM
We were born and bred in Malaysia and we love this country very much.

We look forward for a good place to stay in.

May all Malaysians be blessed.

May 7, 2013 9:38AM
Please for once let the Rakyat decide. If nothing extra is done and one wins, fair and good. If one has done something not right to win, then please think of the after effects. It's just like being self-elected but nobody likes the party or wish to support it. Why make the majority of the Rakyat unhappy? In the end, o****y have to commit suicide due to self inflicted misery. This is because A**** has eyes and the bad will be punished. As the saying goes "Every dog will have its day". Five years is a long way to suffer ........

Kita Anak Malaysia Dan Cintakan Negara

May 7, 2013 7:46AM
So stink even the whole world smell it.
May 7, 2013 12:40PM
Datuk "1Msia": "We almost lost because of the Chinese tsunami"

Datuk "1Msia": "We had a fair and clean election" Take a look at all the facts in that black box...

This 1Msia fella is a joke. And he is leading BN, a bunch of jokers who are just buying huge castles and Lamborghinis with the rakyats money and wasting the resources of the country...goddamn jet engines and submarines going missing to God knows where...and they just won't LEAVE the seat to better people, instead they are running this country into the ground like a bloody CANCER.

BN = CANCER of Msia, I wonder who can help us kill our country's sickness...
May 7, 2013 1:03PM
All rakyat should kick these EC officials and the police force officials their asses! These **** should be jailed and cane for their stupid, dishonest and coward act of betraying our next genaration their future and security! These are country traitors.......If in some other countries these **** will be attacked by all the rakyat! The police IGP should stepped down for his treason to Malaysia,  Malaysians and democratic!
May 7, 2013 8:53AM
The incidents of so-called mystery boxes is there ever since our great and noble Dr. M's era. It is seen as a hugely unacceptable issue now because we rakyat simply did not care much of the election processes in the past. Many things has changed during that era. Until this time when we watch their every moves by holding a magnifying glass and so we are so in shock by their ignorance and arrogance. But please do not blame them, as it has become a normal practice for them, a culture, it is like a routine, you get up in the morning you kiss your wife you brush teeth and you have breakfast, they vote they count votes and the third step is "Tada! See its not done. There is another box there coming in oven fresh!".
May 7, 2013 9:03AM
Hi Tessa, 

Sorry to have to write to you this way, but I didn't know about this article being posted, until my friend sent me the link. 

It would have been great if I did, so I can share with you the disclaimer I wrote right after I realised this post was going much more viral than I expected. It was a personal opinion piece that I wrote at first, just thinking aloud on my FB page - but then people started sharing it and exploded. 

So I think it necessary to share the disclaimer with you, as out of the entire article - the part picked was the one I didn't really witness on my own. 

Thanks, and it would've been great if you checked first.
Also, if there was a way to contact you personally. I tried to look, but coulnd't find. 


Disclaimer: I did not see the foul play with my own eyes, as I didn't have access to those critical places. 

I am writing as an observer, and was Counting Agent only for my saluran. But I did watch the live updates of the 'unofficial' counts on that collaborative spreadsheet at one of the party headquarters here. 

I was like all of you, at first hearing of how things were swayed to one side, and then after long hours of awaiting (recounts?) etc - the final results - where things changed so much. I did see pictures of people physically blocking 'extra' boxes from coming into the main counting centres, and read about so many blackouts and recounts. But I was not at there physically, so am uncertain what exactly went down, and why we didn't have a recount after the recount. 

But I do know it took a really long time for the final results to be out. And that they only officially announced states which BN already won first, and the rest took a long time. Sarawak was first to be announced, and then Kedah. Selangor came in the latest. 
I was watching the news on NTV7 and they only coloured the blue states before any of the red (eventhough it was clear Penang had won)

It almost seems as if time was taken to 'achieve' the desired results. But this is just my observation. I don't have a first hand experience, and would really like to hear from someone who did.
May 7, 2013 6:58PM
May 7, 2013 7:13PM

how can counting start without full inspection of the ballot box???? (don't the EC confirmed the number of ballot box before counting??? thats why final counting extra boxes are added.


the polling station is so lax, everybody can walk in and out. i remember 5 years back only voters are allowed. after voting the voters are supposed to walk out of the premises but this time around, people are allowed to loiter around the school premises????


the Eat Sit election commissioner is to be hang for all this evil doings.

May 7, 2013 6:59PM
May 7, 2013 6:05PM



May 7, 2013 7:46PM

i support what all it's said.

all malaysian know what is going on.

May 7, 2013 12:00PM

Personally feels that winning or losing in election is not a matter for debut now. Instead, self reflection base on the GE-13 result is vital for not only to those who has contested in GE-13 but also to those who has casted their votes.

Generally, the number of votes for opposition and BN were closed. That's does not make any significant majority in the opposition and BN. ( At least 5 millions votes for both parties could not be a fraud ).This is a both a bitter won for BN and bitter lost for the oppositions. People are sitting in the fence on determining their future and who should be the one to manoeuvre the country.  But one thing that very sure of is people is after for clean, mature & capable leadership, well governed finance, free from cronyism, fair and proper law enforcement, better place to live in with those fine courtesy and culture that we embraced and confidence to raise up our next generation.

To govern a country must start from home. It must starts from within the parties themselves. Building the strength, unity, consistence & persistence, leadership, striving for people voices & aspiration would be matter the most. This would bring a true winner that will different from today simple majority win by the BN  or slim losses by the oppositions.

Salute to the people and parties who had been and will continue to strive for the very best to the Rakyat!


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