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Malaysians plan 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign

'Jom Balik Undi'

'Jom Balik Undi' (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • 'Jom Balik Undi' (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
  • Malaysians participate in 'Jom Balik Undi' campaign (© Courtesy of Jom Balik Undi)
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Malaysians living abroad have started a viral campaign urging their fellow countrymen to return home to cast their vote. In an email interview with the committee members behind 'Jom Balik Undi' (in simple English form, Come Home to Vote), MSN Malaysia speaks to William deCruz, the official spokesperson for JBU and Bersih Sydney as well as Kevin Bathman who handles the Social Media campaign together with Adriene Leong.

Click next to read the interview and why they have started this viral campaign, 'Jom Balik Undi', which relies on photo submissions by Malaysians living overseas and on homeground.

For more information and to participate, log on to Jom Balik Undi Facebook page here.

Feb 18, 2013 11:31PM

 A true Malaysian is one with integrity. One who vote with eyes and ears open. When we open our ears ,we heard C4 explosives, Mongolian  Altantuya's Immgiration record missing, Cows lost to cattle thieves, Diamonds bought with our money. We cannot hear our kids communicate in English.

When we opened our eyes , Mega project awarded without tender, Bakun Hydro with not a single Watt of electricity. Timber felled by cronies like Ten Pin bowling , our  appointed watchman stayed in RM 24 millions house, Parliament roof leaked even after spending RM 100 million to repair ! Still leaked ! our Railway land disappeared.

With Parlaiment Building leaking roof our poor BN/UMNO politicians got to bear with it while discussing how to put our country into reverse gear.  Now , end the misery of BN/UMNO politicians ; we replace not the roof - WE REPLACE THE POLITICIANS.

Feb 18, 2013 5:31AM
Fly Back, Fly Back to vote for a clean and green Malaysia!
Feb 18, 2013 7:14PM
Despite the claim from BN that you guys are unpatriotic, I feel your utmost love towards your country
Together we can make a change for the better

They should get it by now that it is the nation the people cared about, not the political faction. That in my account, are truly Malaysians

Feb 18, 2013 9:29PM
Never missed any GE since. This time around too will ensure my rights are taken seriously
Feb 19, 2013 6:43AM

Kick the old habit and start a new one. Create a real democratic country. Fellow Malaysians, we should stand united.

Feb 19, 2013 2:59AM

 if Malaysia got problem u guys run away? then want to come back as Malaysian citizen after tearing up their passports in expectation of winning British citizenship!  Chicken arrr!!!  

Mar 7, 2013 2:11AM

I was born in Penang in 1959 but have been in UK since 1977 with the automatic right to claim British citizenship which I have graciously declined each time asked. Why am I in UK, you may ask. My work involves research in neural networking, currently the core architecture used in many computation from simple washing machines to navigating targetting seeking ballistic armed projectiles. Yes, I now work for the British MOD and as a researcher, I head a team of PHD students in various projects. As a Malaysian from South East Asia, I am usually allocated Asian PHD students including Malaysians whom I have groomed for their return to their respective homelands.

Therefore to my fellow Malaysian JaNplrAtE and Shah Alam Since 84, my excuse for not coming back here after my studies is that Malaysia was not able to offer me neither a post nor the research facilities in order for me to advance my work. This situation I believe is similar to many other Malaysians staying overseas, though not all I agree. Whatever an individual's reason/s are for working overseas does not mean they are not avid Malaysians as long as their actions are legal. If Malaysia wants to advance and become a leading powerhouse, we need the appropriate human resource capable of leading these fields of industry and research. Either Malaysia imports foreigners to lead our research for their benefits as we are doing now or welcome back our own Malaysian professionals from overseas and do it ourselves for Malaysia's benefits. You decide.


Brain drain is a human resource headache for every nation which cannot provide the career advancements required by its citizens e.g. in Britian and Germany after the 2nd WW, Ireland during the IRA issues and China until recently. It is not a Malaysian disease and therefore overseas Malaysians should not be treated as parasites.


Even though the words in your post is hurtful to me and possibly many others in my position, I sincerely understand your perception. However to start casting stones and lay blame is not appropriate right now. I believe we all share the same common gaol, that is for a Malaysia that serves everyone irrespective of creed, colour, religion, race, sexuality, age etc. Many a time I have had long debates right into the early mornings with workmates, fellow students, my own family members, friends and even taxi drivers etc over Malaysia's issues. This time, I can say the euphoric experience I am feeling now is an enlightenment of the true Malaysian spirit starting to shine through. For the first time, I feel more and more Malaysians are coming together thinking as Malaysians for Malaysia and casting aside race and personal issues and benefits.

To all true Malaysians who wants a united Malaysia, I say, cast aside all your previous baggage and join hands together and vote with your true heart.


Feb 19, 2013 9:07AM


Please do not send your vote by pos bcos Post Malaysia is run by BN.

Also up to now the democratic process of our country is determined by the illegal foreigners who are given IC to vote, to determine the future of us Malaysians.


Mar 20, 2013 2:34AM
the question is this, do some of you going home to vote, really know who you are voting for? do you really know who these politicians are, are they really going to bring "a change"? are these politicians shouting about change not part of the government before, what change did they make when they were there? are they really going to bring any change to the people or they are going to put the "change" into their pockets and bank accounts...wake up malaysians overseas...? the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.... 
Feb 27, 2013 8:02AM
we are all citizens with rights, so why do Malaysians abroad have to spend thousands of ringgit to cast a ballot? Our fundamental rights as citizens violated. 
Apr 14, 2013 8:30PM
They say better a known devil than an unknown angel. Nah. I believe an angel is angel until and unless fallen. So its time to give the so called angels a chance. Im done with devils. Really.
Feb 18, 2013 7:40PM
Excuse me,
You stayed away for 33 years, never pay taxes , never contribute to the country, never join the PTA . When was the last time you pledge the "Rukunnegara" or sing the "Negaraku".... what "ubah" rubbish you guys talking about.........

Apr 5, 2013 5:01AM
Hi all Malaysian, you may go to this website below to get cheaper coach tickets to go back home and vote... .
Apr 8, 2013 12:26AM
How do I register myself to vote in the GE 13? I am currently residing in Taman Desa, Old Klang Road. Appreciate any of your advice on this. Thank you
korang yang stay di luar negeri bergaji besar dan mewah tak tau apa2 pun kat Msia.. kalau jadi apa2 kat malaysia korang boleh jer lari sana..tapi ni tempat Tanah Tumpah darah aku... kalau aku nak vote aku vote yang boleh buat keje bukan tau cakap tuduh dan janji kosong korang apa tau... mewah duduk sana... korang tau ker bukan senang nak merdeka dan stabilkan negara yang berbagai kaum dan tanah ni datuk nenek aku berjuang darah keringat pahlwan melayu di dajajah dari inggeris belanda portugis japan .. yang korang tau buka2 mata dah senang pastu bila susah sikit bende remeh korang bersuara mcm benda tu besar.... bagi aku Bn or pembangkang is the same because masing2 ada kroni masing2 so bila ada projek or tender mestilah kroni dia dapat. Aku rasa korang yang berkerja kat luar sana yang mewah tak tau apa2 hanya tau tgk berita di web site yang orang semua boleh edit pakaiai apa2 apklikasi.. senang citer adik aku yang kecik pun boleh buat berita mengarut di bllog. Nak jadikan Malaysia seperti skrg memang susah memerlukan 50tahun kemerdekaan.. nak huru hara kan senang jer bagi jer satu hari.... duduk lah sana senang lenang ... aku ni nak lari mana oun tak leh ni lah tanah tempat aku mati..bukan kat negera luar sana....
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