1. The Mona Fandey incident (Stock Xchng)

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Pop singer, witch doctor and murderess

When: The victim, Mazlan Idris, a state assemblyman from Pahang, was murdered on July 18th, 1993, somewhere between 10.00pm and 12 midnight by Mona, her husband and their assistant.

What went down: Mazlan, looking to boost his political career, sought out Mona's help, and during a cleansing ritual, was told to lie on the floor facing up, while Mona placed flowers on him. He was then told to close his eyes and wait for money to "fall from the sky". Her assistant, Juraimi Hassan, then chopped Mazlan's head off with an axe. Following this, the victim was dismembered and partially skinned. Mazlan's body was found in 18 pieces, buried in a storeroom near Mona's house in Pahang.

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