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Fact check: Malaysia's alcohol consumption

Recently, our country, Malaysia, was said to be the 10th biggest consumer of alcohol in the world. But do we really drink that much? Here's a look at the facts.

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So here's a bit of background on the issue. The Star, a Malaysian newspaper, reported that no less than the WHO (World Health Organization) fingered us Malaysians to be the 10th biggest drinkers on Earth. This was supposedly based on 2011 WHO statistics.

Naturally, this being Malaysia, the news caused an uproar in certain quarters of society. Some thought we're turning into a bunch of immoral drunkards.

But there are a couple of problems with the facts reported in that article published by The Star.

CLICK through the pages to continue reading this article. We'll compare the actual WHO alcohol profile on Malaysia with what was reported in The Star.

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Alcohol Myth(busted!)
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