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Malaysia hunts for invaders as 'more fighters join'

Malaysia on Wednesday expanded its hunt for armed Filipino invaders who dodged a military assault meant to crush them, as a Philippine guerrilla said more Islamic fighters had arrived.

Malaysia's police chief said followers of a self-styled Muslim sultan had scattered after an air and ground attack the day before in eastern Sabah state, aimed at ending a three-week stand-off, the country's worst security crisis in years.

Indicating authorities were struggling to corral the slippery gunmen, they "expanded the operations area" Wednesday to a wider swathe of Borneo island farm country, Ismail Omar told reporters in a village near the battlezone.

For the first time, authorities also released evidence of militant deaths, handing out grisly photos of corpses and saying 13 bodies had been found.

But the latest announcements meant the government continued to have little proof that the assault on the estimated 100-300 militants pinned down amid vast oil palm plantations had hit the mark.

Officials said nine of the discovered corpses were believed to have died in an earlier shootout and one was shot in mop-up operations Wednesday, while it remained unclear when the others died.

Officials did not offer an updated death toll for the overall incursion. Previous reports before Tuesday's crackdown have said 19 militants and eight police had been killed in clashes.

The invaders landed from the nearby southern Philippines on February 12, claiming Sabah for their Manila-based "sultan" Jamalul Kiram III, tearing open a long-dormant territorial row and causing residents to flee nearby towns and villages.

The elderly Kiram appeared to thumb his nose at Malaysia Wednesday, saying he had just chatted by phone with his younger brother, one of the incursion's purported leaders.

"He was telling me they are eating good food, but the hard thing is they are being chased. So where will they go?" he said, declining to specify their location but adding that they would not surrender.

Kiram, 74, claims to be heir of the former sultanate of Sulu, which once controlled part of the southern Philippines and claimed sovereignty over Sabah. The intruders are attempting to reassert his claim to the remote area.

A leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), which waged a past insurgency against the Philippine government, warned of more trouble ahead, saying hardened fighters from his Muslim group had arrived to support the militants.

"Many have slipped through the security forces" in recent days, Muhajab Hashim told AFP in Manila, adding more were expected to join the fray, but declining to reveal numbers.

"They know the area like the back of their hands because they trained there in the past," he said, referring to long-standing allegations that Malaysia helped trained MNLF leaders for their insurgency against Manila.

Muslim-majority Malaysia, accustomed to watching neighbours Thailand and the Philippines grapple with Islamic insurgents, has been shocked by the drama.

The government, which faces closely fought elections in coming months, has been harshly criticised by the opposition over the breach.

The news that militants had escaped destruction stoked the fears of local residents already on edge over the stunning incursion into the quiet region, covered by huge expanses of oil palm trees and pockets of jungle.

"If there are no more negotiations I think more people on both sides will die," local resident Shamsul Bahari said.

"I am scared to even go to work in the palm oil estate."

An AFP reporter saw security forces including soldiers in full battle gear and armoured personnel carriers continuing to head toward the military operations zone centred on the village of Tanduo Wednesday.

Authorities have not explained how the intruders were able to slip through a security cordon built up over the course of the three-week standoff.

Britain, the United States and Australia issued advisories warning against travel to affected areas.

Some suspect the MNLF orchestrated the offensive because they feared a peace deal being finalised between the Philippine government and another Muslim separatist group would marginalise them.

Philippine presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said its navy intercepted 70 people trying to join the insurgents last month but added Manila had no knowledge of the claim of MNLF fighters heading to the conflict.

Mar 6, 2013 9:04AM
The so-called Sultan of Sulu is a great joker to claim Sabah, whi**** a de facto independent state, and a legal state of Malaysia, recognized by the UN.  President Aquino is correct to dismiss the claims made by the Sultan.  But I was surprised to see many Christian leaders in the Philippines supported the Sultan, and they want Sabah to be part of Sulu & the Philippines.  They are so stupid to expect Malaysia to submit to the World Court to make a ruling.  The people of Sabah have made a decision to be part of prosperous Malaysia, and never to be part of the poor Philippines.  Let these people realize who they are, how shallow is their knowledge of history, geography, law and politics !!!
Mar 6, 2013 4:49AM

Lin Teo now we can counting the sulu militant dead bodies, so let our personal take time to clear teh area every inch of our land, who knows now this militants digging holes as thier own grave yard, but soon or latter we may counting more this militants dead bodies and the rest being arrested and we do believe the operations will once for all and improving our security on very wide boarder.


Mar 6, 2013 8:33AM





Mar 6, 2013 3:22AM

this tells a story.


the filipinos are invading our land, the truth is we seems helpless not knowing what to do.

the government are in a crossroad not know how to handle. why is the police is in charged?

let the army handle what needs to be done.


we seems helpless other than blaming the opposition that instigated it. then wrap up the instigators if you have evidence, najib where is your balls I dont mean to say it but i feel irritated by your indecisiveness)


please speak out and speak up, dont be like a chicken going into hidding.

shame to you and your government. you put malaysian in shame around the world.

Mar 6, 2013 12:44PM
Minta maaf kalau aku tersilap disini ye...
1. Kita Malaya telah kehilangan Singapura (Malaysia - Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak & Singapura); hakikatnya dlm satu PROSES DIPLOMASI (1965) apabila timbul perbedzaan pendapat d kalangan anggota dalam Federasi itu sendiri.
2. Sabah (dahulu North Borneo) menganggotai Malaysia SECARA RASMI (1963) setelah perolehi suara majoriti 80% rakyatnya sendiri.
3. Ada pun pada zaman lampau/sebelumnya, Sabah d pengaruhi oleh KeSultanan Brunei dan Sulu juga penjajah 'asing'.
RENUNGAN > Timbullah konflik d sini apabila KeSultanan Brunei telah memberi 'token' bagi membalas budi baik Sulu pada zaman (history) taktik kotor: Siapa Kuat? Siapa Berani? Siapa Kaya?  ... nasib baiklah kita semua belum ada lagi d muka bumi ni eh! d zaman 'merampuk' masa tu.
PENDAPAT > Maka d zaman moden yg sistematik dan ada perundangan ni, kita bukalah balik dokumen? ... atau cabar dorang Sabah undi je mana nak pergi > Malaysia, Sulu atau Filipina. Tak suka pergi berambus!!! Jamin kita menang siapa punya? DUNIA pun tahu ...
Mar 7, 2013 10:47PM

Zed KL-LB you seems to know your history.

Do you happened to know why Brunei who happened to be in between Sarawak and Sabah prefered to have its own state and not joined your Malayan Federation now Malaysia?

Do more of your research and you will know why Sultan of Sulu have there basis of claiming the land.  Sarawak itself was long part of Brunei Sultanate.

Yes maybe it is true, you still see us as poor country.  It is because your country keep sponsoring rebellion against Philippines.  And that is the same strategy your ancestors have made against Brunei.

You are only good because of your politics, but I will not generalized because I am an educated person.

Yes, I didn't agree with what 300 men of Sultan of Sulu did, because of our current time rigth now it is not applicable.

We want to progress as well, and we are doing it as 90 million+ Filipino not 300. Got it?


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