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Google+ trends: Man of Steel takes on the Dark Knight, new iPad being tested

On Monday, July 22, Google+ users are discussing the forthcoming movie "Man of Steel  2" and rumors that Apple is testing a new iPad. 

Google+ trends: Man of Steel takes on the Dark Knight, new iPad being tested

Google+ trends: Man of Steel takes on the Dark Knight, new iPad being tested

At San Diego Comic-Con, Zack Snyder, director of the Superman movie "Man Of Steel," announced that the next installment in the re-booted franchise, "Man Of Steel 2," would see Superman take on Batman, the first time the two heroes have met on the big screen.

As part of the announcement of the forthcoming movie, a passage from "The Dark Knight Returns," a series of limited edition comic books in which the two heroes fight, was read on stage, tipping off fans of the genre. Google+ users are sharing the news of the forthcoming movie; some such as Rahul Dhaundiyal shared footage of the announcement, which can be found at youtube.com/watch?v=m05YaiPnRHU.

The news of the Superman vs. Batman big screen adaptation is causing "#Superman" to trend in second place.

Elsewhere on Google+ users of the social network are discussing Apple's iPad and iPhone, trending in third and fourth place respectivley.

Apple's iPad and iPhone are being disscused after a report appeared in the Wall Street Journal claiming that Apple was testing versions of these devices with larger screens.

The Wall Street Journal does point out that although these products are being tested with suppliers, that does not mean that they will make it onto the market, as various versions and prototypes are routinely tested by Apple before being refined.

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on July 22 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

01.   Best Buy
02.   #Superman
03.   iPad
04.   iPhone
05.   #Monday



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