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Top iPhone apps: Vine, Hi Guess the Brand

iPhone users around the world are enjoying sharing videos on Twitter with the popular video app Vine, while others are guessing the name of the brands in Hi Guess the Brand. Details of these and other top free iPhone applications by country for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on June 12, can be found below.

Top iPhone apps: Vine, Hi Guess the Brand

Top iPhone apps: Vine, Hi Guess the Brand

01. USA
(social networking)
Vine enables Twitter users to take and then embed a video with a maxium length of six seconds on the social networking site, thereby avoiding having to link to a video hosted on another third-party site.

02. UK
BBC Weather
This meteorological application provides users with weather information taken from UK state broadcaster the BBC. Users can search for, and add, multiple locations as well as obtaining other information, such as the pollen count.   

03. France
Evian baby & me app - reloaded
This application from the bottled water company Evian enables users to take their photo and upload it to the application; the app will then generate a 'baby & me' image of what that baby will look like, or what that user looked like as a baby.

04. Canada
(social networking)
See ‘Vine'

05. Japan
Arcana Magia
A fantasy adventure card game that translates as 'Arcana Magia.'

06. Australia
Hi Guess the Brand
This fun application challenges players to guess the name of the brand based only on a partial display of their logo.

07. Germany
Fuel Log Evo - The Electronic Fuel Log
This clever application, which translates into English as 'Fuel Log Evo - The Electronic Fuel Log,' is free for a limited time only and helps users keep track of their fuel expenses.

08. China
Baidu Magic Map
(photography and video)
This application, which translates into English as 'Baidu Magic Map,' comes from Chinese tech company Baidu and allows users to touch up photographs to 'improve' the appearance of the people in them.

09. Italy
(photography and video)
Instaflash is free for a limited time only and enables users to fix their underexposed photos by adding natural-looking illumination.

10. Korea
Marvel's all for Kako
This application, translated as ‘Marvel's all for kako' in English, is a fantasy adventure game in which a player's luck depends on the throw of the dice.


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