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Xbox One: all-in-one gaming system unleashed by Microsoft

Xbox One

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Click through the gallery for more images from the big #XboxReveal launch event….

this is the death of the XBOX.

First, the name sucks, XBOX ONE? what is this? Going back to the clunky first XBOX design? It looks like a big brick. DESIGN FAIL. Design as time goes by, should be sleeker, streamlined and smaller, not the way around. XBOX INFINITY is a better name.
The controller looks the same, whi**** alright.
No used games that can be played unless you pay a fee, EPIC FAIL. You buy the disc, you own the content. This is just like the draconian DRM
Bluray disc drive, good, no need to load 10 DVD disc to play Metal Gear Solid 4, if it ever comes to the XBOX
Motion con****nd TV emphasis? Games man, that is what they should be concerntratin on, not bloody social stuff. If I want social stuff, I go out to meet friends

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