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The biggest aviation mysteries

1945 - Bermuda Triangle

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On 5 December 1945, Flight 19, which was the designation given to five World War II TBM Avenger torpedo bombers, disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle region. Initial reports claim that the pilots may have ditched their aircraft into the sea after running out of fuel or may have even suffered equipment malfunction during their exercise. But inconclusive evidence ultimately declared Flight 19 was lost to ‘causes or reasons unknown’ according to official reports. Even more peculiar is that a PBM Mariner seaplane, which was despatched immediately for a search and rescue mission also ended up disappearing within the same area.  Flight 19 is widely considered one of the U.S. Navy’s biggest and most bizarre tragedies.

Mar 20, 2014 5:39PM

pls don't blame anyone 1st till the truth is reveled with the finding of the black box.

Malaysia definitely can't hide as the whole world is involve.

Salute to Hishamuddin -you are doing good job.

This definitely new case study to everyone one as why the transponder and other

communication equipment's cant be turn off on commercial flights. Army maybe.

Its should be turn on automatically the moment the engine is on and stop when the engine

is off or should be still traceable even the engine is off.

As a Malaysian I hope for the best. Hope everyone on board are safe.

Mar 27, 2014 11:54PM
Oh Please,  will the black box be found?  Yes, yes, if we know where the plane is.

Now will the plane be found? Yes, yes if we know where is went lost.  

Ask the question to the control tower man, where were you when it went missing. 

I don't know...cause....busy. 
Mar 23, 2014 8:19PM
Im not surprise another fanatic will create another JF Kennedy story..... sorry...... JF Anwar....
Apr 23, 2014 8:37AM

how come you say that the plane is missing without evidence'''

ok anwar now the court say that he is guilty' so anwar do not bring chaos to a peacful country.just for polictcal power don't create trouble''

what have done in the years when you were deputy pm''you only made money for yourself.not the rakyat.Please Do not bull**** to cheat the poeple

Mar 19, 2014 8:39AM

There has to be a motive for any incident. Without any technical evidence found on the destruction of the missing plane, the only answer to the mystery of the missing plane was that it was commanded by the pilot who has a motive as a fanatic supporter of Anwar who was convicted on sodomy.

It cannot be just a coincidence that it happened on the night after Anwar was convicted. The pilot is the only one in the plane that have the expertise to do it, unless there are concrete evidence to prove otherwise. Expert has also expressed the missing pla****y never be found.

This is not a taxi that Anwar is trying to say that it is not a sabotage as taxi drivers too are his fanatic supporters. Anwar's obsessions in politics contributes to the incident of the missing plane. Anwar will have to live with the guilt feeling.

All countries that have passengers in the plane have confirmed that they are not suspects. Anwar says he is smarter than Nagib to do the investigation. Let him head the investigation.

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