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Champions Trophy final England v India: Live Report

WE ARE NOW CLOSING this Live Report after an epic Champions Trophy final which India won against England by five runs.

Champions Trophy final England v India: Live Report

The Indian cricket team celebrate with the trophy following victory in the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy Final cricket match between England and India at Edgbaston in Birmingham, central England on 23, June 2013.

The match at Edgbaston in Birmingham, central England, was dogged by hours of rain delays but finally got under way as a 20 over per side contest.

World Cup holders India were held to 129 for seven after losing the toss.

England then looked to be in a strong position before India took four wickets for three runs in eight balls.

This left England needing a six off the last ball, which tailender James Tredwell could not deliver, and they ended on 124 for 8.

Ravindra Jadeja was named man of the match and also took the award for most wickets in the series, while Shikhar Dhawan got the honour for most runs scored in the tournament.


2011 GMT: England legend Ian Botham, speaking on Sky Sports, suggested his country had "bottled it."

"It just looked to me as if suddenly it all became too much for them," he added.

2008 GMT: As darkness falls, India collect the Champions Trophy against a backdrop of fireworks, ticker-tape and rapturous celebrations. The players take the trophy around the ground for a lap of honour.

2006 GMT: India captain MS Dhoni says after the presentation that he wanted to make England "slog" against his spinners.

"The first and foremost thing is to say, don't look up, God isn't going to come and save you," he says.

"The better players are the ones who respond really well to the pressure."

2002 GMT: India's Shikhar Dhawan wins the prize for the most runs scored in the tournament.

He dedicates the honour to the victims of landslides and flash floods in northern India where up to 1,000 people are feared to have died.

"My prayers are with them and this award is dedicated to them," he says.

1959 GMT: Ravindra Jadeja named man of the match. He also scoops the prize for the most wickets in the tournament.

1957 GMT: England have still never won a major one-day international (ODI) title. Today's performance will be particularly disappointing for them ahead of the start of the Ashes next month.

1955 GMT: England are collecting their runners up medals as the award ceremony for the tournament gets under way.

England captain Alastair Cook says: "We've come up a little bit short today. I thought we bowled well... but it was probably a slightly harder wicket to bat than we thought."

1945 GMT: Shane Warne is among those paying tribute to India's performance in the tournament.

"Congrats too India, they were the best side. England had it won but fell over at the last hurdle under pressure,Jadeja man of series 4 me," he writes on Twitter.

1944 GMT: Virat Kohli tells Sky Sports: "This victory is really sweet for us... the guys have been playing some beautiful cricket and deserve to win this."

1941 GMT: Ishant Sharma, who helped turn the direction of the game, tells Sky Sports: "I was nervous, things were not going my way but I think I held my nerve... I think I took two wickets and that helped to win the game."

1935 GMT: What a game. The Indian players are embracing each other on the pitch and jumping around with joy. Jadeja played a key role in sealing that one for India.

1933 GMT: Tredwell dribbles the final ball away for a single meaning India win by five runs.


ENGLAND 124-8, 20th OVER: Seven needed off two deliveries. They take two runs. Six runs needed from one ball now.

ENGLAND 121-8, 20th OVER: Tredwell puts away a single but Broad survives a runout call.

ENGLAND 120-8, 20th OVER: 10 runs from three balls needed.

ENGLAND 119-8, 20th OVER: Four by Broad -- crucial runs.

ENGLAND 115-8, 20th OVER: Broad survives an extremely tight stumping call first ball of the over.

ENGLAND 115-8, 19th OVER: Just four from a chaotic over. Ashwin to bowl the last over for India to Tredwell and Broad. 15 needed from six balls.

 ENGLAND 113-8, 19th OVER: England seemingly going into meltdown here -- can they pull it back together? 

ENGLAND 113-8, 19th OVER: WICKET: Bresnan run out 2

ENGLAND 113-7, 19th OVER: Broad makes a desperate run for a single but somehow avoids it thanks to a fielding error.

ENGLAND 112-7, 19th OVER: Buttler goes first ball. England captain Alastair Cook looking worried on the team balcony. 

ENGLAND 112-7, 19th OVER: WICKET: Buttler b Jadeja 0

ENGLAND 111-6, 19th OVER: We're into the powerplay overs for the last two. 

ENGLAND 111-6, 18th OVER: End of an astonishing over. England now need 19 to win off 12 deliveries.

ENGLAND 110-6, 18th OVER: England lose two big wickets in two balls and Ishant has come alive. The crowd in Birmingham cannot believe it and are delighted.

ENGLAND 110-6, 18th OVER: WICKET: Bopara c Ashwin b Ishant 30

ENGLAND 110-5, 18th OVER: Morgan chipped a slower ball and found himself caught. Buttler next in.

ENGLAND 110-5, 18th OVER: WICKET: Morgan c Ashwin b Ishant 33

ENGLAND 109-4, 18th OVER: Ishant comes back with two wides. He has looked pretty underwhelming so far compared to the Indian spinners.

ENGLAND 108-4, 18th OVER: Massive six by Morgan off the bowling of Ishant. 

ENGLAND 102-4, 18th OVER: Three overs left. Dhoni gives the ball back to Ishant Sharma.

 ENGLAND 102-4, 17th OVER: England notch up a century -- and 12 from that over. This is looking like a good run rate for England now. 

ENGLAND 98-4, 17th OVER: Another six from Bopara off Jadeja. This is looking like a good partnership for England between him and Morgan.

ENGLAND 90-4, 17th OVER: Forty runs now needed from four overs for England. The pressure is on. Will Dhoni bring back his spinners?

ENGLAND 85-4, 16th OVER: With just five overs remaining, the tension is high at Edgbaston -- 48 to win from 30 balls for England.

ENGLAND 82-4, 15th OVER: Huge six from Bopara off Ishant Sharma's bowling.

ENGLAND 72-4, 15th OVER: Ishant Sharma now back on bowling at Morgan (21) and Bopara (6).

ENGLAND 71-4, 14th OVER: Tighter now from India who have Raina back on bowling spin. Heavy weather for England.

ENGLAND 68-4, 13th OVER: England are moving this run rate along with ones and twos but will be hoping for some more boundaries if they are going to win this.

ENGLAND 65-4, 13th OVER: Morgan on 16, Bopara on 4.

ENGLAND 63-4, 12th OVER: Morgan moving the runs along and gets a boundary in there. Eight runs off the over from Raina.

ENGLAND 55-4, 11th OVER: England need 75 more to win from 54 balls. 

ENGLAND 46-4, 10th OVER: England just past the half-way point and still facing an uphill struggle to get to that 130 they need to win.

 ENGLAND 46-4, 9th OVER: Bell's dismissal is likely to be a controversial decision, particularly as it comes at a tricky time for England. Third umpire called on to make an extremely tight decision. Bopara the next man in for England.

ENGLAND 46-4, 9th OVER: WICKET: Bell st Dhoni b Jadeja 13. Extremely close call that.

ENGLAND 46-3, 9th OVER: Jadeja back on bowling for India at Bell now. Bell goes for a reverse sweep and gets a rare four.

ENGLAND 41-3, 8th OVER: Root gets a top edge as he tries to pull and is caught. Disappointing for England to lose another wicket so quickly. Eoin Morgan next at the crease.

ENGLAND 40-3, 8th OVER: WICKET: Root c Ishant b Ashwin 7

ENGLAND 38-2, 7th OVER: Root (6) and Bell (8) keeping the scoreboard ticking over for England with singles in this over.

ENGLAND 30-2, 6th OVER: England hopes are ebbing -- former captain Michael Vaughan tweets: "Officially Worried..."

ENGLAND 28-2, 6th OVER: That was a wide but Trott was tempted and goes. Joe Root the next batsman for England.

ENGLAND 28-2, 6th OVER: WICKET: Trott st Dhoni b Ashwin 20

ENGLAND 27-1, 6th OVER: After the tidy and efficient Jadeja, Dhoni is deploying Ashwin to bowl. Slow bowlers at both ends. Trott survives an early lbw shout.

ENGLAND 24-1, 5th OVER: Trott on 18, Bell on 4, left-arm spinner Jadeja on to bowl for India.

ENGLAND 21-1, 4th OVER: England notching up the runs, Trott looking strong and with a couple of lucky breaks helping him through against the bowling of Yadav.

ENGLAND 12-1, 3rd OVER: Trott looking in confident form. Nine off three deliveries so far.

ENGLAND 3-1, 2nd OVER: Big breakthrough quickly for India as the England captain goes to a sharp slip catch by Ashwin. Next up Jonathan Trott.

ENGLAND 3-1, 2nd OVER: WICKET: Cook c Ashwin b Yadav 2

ENGLAND 3-0, 2nd OVER: Umesh Yadav bowling at the other end, looking a bit more lively than Kumar, looking as if he is troubling Cook.

ENGLAND 3-0, 1st OVER: Three runs off the first over, a steady start from Kumar.

ENGLAND 0-0, 1st OVER: Bhuvneshwar Kumar opening the bowling for India.

1755 GMT: Cook and Bell are now coming out to open for England. 130 to win.

1745 GMT: The players are now coming off the pitch for the changeover. Jadeja ends on 33, Kohli was India's top scorer with 43. Bopara best bowler for England with 3-20.


INDIA 127-7, 20th OVER: Six for Jadeja.

INDIA 120-7, 20th OVER: In comes Bhuvneshwar Kumar to support Jadeja in the last few balls.

INDIA 116-7, 20th OVER: WICKET: Ashwin run out for 1 in the final over.

INDIA 117-6, 20th OVER: Bresnan bowling the crucial final over for England. Jadeja the danger man on 23.

INDIA 117-6, 19th OVER: Eleven from that over. Final one coming up.

INDIA 113-6, 19th OVER: Kohli out with only nine balls remaining attempting another big shot. He is followed at the crease by Ravichandran Ashwin.

INDIA 113-6, 19th OVER: WICKET: Kohli c Bopara b Anderson 43 

INDIA 112-5, 19th OVER: Second six in successive deliveries from Jadeja. The crowd is chanting and loud.

INDIA 106-5, 18th OVER: Kohli smashes a six to end the over in emphatic style on 43. Trott must be ruing his luck. 

INDIA 98-5, 18th OVER: Broad is full of hostility here, keeping Kohli guessing. A stroke of luck for India as he is dropped by Trott on the edge of the circle.

INDIA 97-5, 17th OVER: Eleven off that handy over for India, the first powerplay.

INDIA 92-5, 17th OVER: Kohli (32) heaves a four to the boundary -- India need them fast now. 

INDIA 86-5, 17th OVER: India take the batting powerplay for two overs.

INDIA 86-5, 16th OVER: Four for Jadeja off Tredwell followed by a swift single from the last ball of his spell.

INDIA 80-5, 16th OVER: Five overs remaining for India to pull together a decent score.

INDIA 79-5, 15th OVER: Costly last over for Bopara, who goes away with 3-20. Twelve off the last one, though.

INDIA 75-5, 15th OVER: And again, four for Kohli off Bopara to take him to 26. The Indian-dominated crowd goes wild.

INDIA 71-5, 15th OVER: Kohli puts Bopara, in the first ball of his final over, away for four.

INDIA 67-5, 14th OVER: Anderson tempts Jadeja to swing at a good length ball but he does not connect. The bowler turns back to his mark with a smile.

INDIA 66-5, 14th OVER: Big wicket for England there as India's captain departs without scoring. The England players look ecstatic. Double-wicket maiden from Bopara. Next at the crease is Ravindra Jadeja facing Anderson.

INDIA 66-5, 13th OVER: WICKET: Dhoni c Tredwell b Bopara 0 

INDIA 66-4, 13th OVER: Raina just a bit too risky there, scooping a ball up and into the hands of Cook for Bopara's second wicket. Next up is captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to a huge ovation. 

INDIA 66-4, 13th OVER: WICKET: Raina c Cook b Bopara 1

INDIA 66-3, 12th OVER: The new batsman is Suresh Raina, off the mark quickly.

INDIA 64-3, 12th OVER: WICKET: Karthik c Morgan b Tredwell 6

INDIA 63-2, 11th OVER: Kohli (16) and Karthik (5) starting to play some shots off Bopara now.

INDIA 59-2, 10th OVER: An imperious, wristy clip there from Kohli off Tredwell for four. 

INDIA 50-2, 9th OVER: An important wicket for England there -- Dhawan, the tournament's top scorer, was looking in good form. Now in comes Dinesh Karthik.

INDIA 50-2, 9th OVER: WICKET: Dhawan c Tredwell b Bopara 31

INDIA 50-1, 9th OVER: Ravi Bopara comes on to bowl for England to boos from the crowd. India clock up 50.

INDIA 49-1, 8th OVER: Dhawan sweeps Tredwell away for four and it's followed up with a reverse sweep which also is judged to go over the boundary. He's up to 31.

INDIA 41-1, 8th OVER: Spinner James Tredwell is now coming on, bowling to Kohli, who pushes him away for a single.

INDIA 40-1, 7th OVER: The teams have got about 20 minutes leeway now after all these rain breaks.

1638 GMT: The teams are back on the pitch.

1630 GMT: Play now due to restart at 5.40pm (1640 GMT) -- provided there is no more rain.

1618 GMT: AFP's Julian Guyer says the umpires are due to hold a pitch inspection in the next couple of minutes.

"Quite what needs to be inspected is anyone's guess," he adds.

 "In this situation the officials must just get the players on the field ASAP if they think they can get through the game."

1556 GMT: The umbrellas are coming out and the big covers are going on the pitch. Rihanna's "Umbrella" is playing on the sound system at Edgbaston. This DJ clearly has a sense of humour.

INDIA 38-1, 7th OVER: Another overthrow to India thanks to some sloppy fielding from England. PLAYERS COMING OFF AGAIN due to rain.

INDIA 34-1, 6th OVER: SIX: Dhawan uppercuts a wide, high ball from Broad into the stands to rapturous cheers from the crowd.

1548 GMT: COVERS OFF AGAIN to cheers from the crowd. That was just a passing shower, it seems. Just as well as we are running out of time here.


INDIA 27-1, 6th OVER: India gathering up runs by running briskly between the wicket as Broad continues his spell.

INDIA 21-1, 5th OVER: Dhawan flaps at one from Bresnan which goes through high to Buttler.

INDIA 19-1, 4th OVER: Virat Kholi is the new batsmen. Good hostile over from Broad, who just managed to nip the ball back in on Rohit. Bresnan coming into replace Anderson bowling for England.

INDIA 19-1, 4th OVER: WICKET: Rohit b Broad 9

INDIA 16-0, 3rd OVER: India notch up four overthrows after wicketkeeper Buttler and Morgan both miss a throw-in from the field from Bresnan. Anderson looks dismayed.

INDIA 10-0, 3rd OVER: Rohit grabs a four past the slips off Anderson to take him to 7 not out.

INDIA 6-0, 2nd OVER: Broad goes for a run-out as Rohit knocks a quick single but India are safe as the bowler flunks it.

INDIA 2-0, 2nd OVER: After an economical opening over from Anderson, Stuart Broad takes the ball at the other end for England.

INDIA 1-0, 1st OVER: Anderson opens the bowling for England, Rohit off the mark with a single second ball.


1517 GMT: The players are now running on to pitch under blue skies.

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma to open for India. England hoping for an early breakthrough, India for quick runs.

1510 GMT: Twenty overs apiece is, of course, the bare minimum needed for a result in this Champions Trophy final.

If the teams play anything less than 20 overs per side, the match will be a no result, with the teams sharing the trophy.

This would be a repeat of what happened in 2002 when Sri Lanka and India were joint winners after a rain-hit final in Colombo.

1505 GMT: "Ground now bathed in bright sunshine, players warming up on the outfield," AFP's Julian Guyer tells us.

The Indian players are kicking around a football. Things are looking good for a sustained period of play.

1500 GMT: Perhaps appropriately given the frustrations the crowd have faced today, the DJ at Edgbaston is now playing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.

1457 GMT: Depending of course on the rain, the plan is now to start at 4.20pm (1520 GMT) and play 20 overs each.

1426 GMT: Oh dear -- the covers are now coming back on. This is not looking good.

"No sooner is it announced that the match, now reduced to 24 overs per side, will start at 3.45pm and the covers come off than more rain falls and the covers come back on," says Julian Guyer.

1415 GMT: That expected start time is now being confirmed by the England and Wales Cricket Board. The sun is out, the crowd are in fine voice despite having been waiting for nearly five hours -- let the fun begin.

But what impact will such a lengthy delay and the reduction to 24 overs have on the two teams, India and England?

1411 GMT: Sky Sports are reporting there is due to be a 3.45pm (1445 GMT) start, with 24 overs per side.

1402 GMT: More players and umpires out on the pitch, which is due to be inspected any minute.

Even if play does start, we will not get the full 50 over game. But everyone will be desperately hoping for at least 20 overs of action.

1356 GMT: England batsmen Ian Bell and Jonathan Trott are out on the pitch having a look at conditions as the groundstaff work frantically to get it ready.

Both play their county cricket for Warwickshire, whose home ground is Edgbaston, so will know this pitch well.

1346 GMT: "DJ getting cocky now -- he's playing 'Here Comes The Sun' by the Beatles," says Julian.

"Someone should tell the man spinning the discs this is England and it pays not to get too far ahead of yourself with the weather."

1341 GMT: And now the covers are coming off...

 "My understanding is that the latest we can start a 20 overs per side match, the minimum required for either England or India to win the Champions Trophy, is between 4.15pm and 4.30pm (1515-1530 GMT). Anything less and the trophy will be shared," Julian says.

"The super soppers used to help dry the ground are now depositing large quantities of water beyond the boundary edge." 

So it's really down to how long the rain stops for and whether the groundsmen can get the pitch into a playable state in time.

1328 GMT: Good news -- pitch inspection due in 30 minutes if there is no more rain.

"Huge cheers from a long-suffering crowd as sun makes an appearance, as do the umpires," Julian Guyer says.

1310 GMT: The ICC actually has plans to replace the Champions Trophy after this year's tournament with a World Test Championship.

 It wants a world championship in each of the game's three main formats -- Tests, one-day internationals and Twenty20.

But the plan has not been universally welcomed and today, former England captain David Gower wrote that he would be sad to see the Champions Trophy go.

 "Whatever the result today, I will be sorry to see the Champions Trophy disappear," Gower wrote in his Sunday Times column.

"It has become my favourite 50-over competition because it is succinct, high intensity and not nearly as drawn out as the official showpiece, the World Cup."

 1240 GMT: Another sporting highlight is due to get under way in Britain tomorrow -- Wimbledon.

 And organisers of the world-famous tennis tournament in southwest London are optimistic that Monday's play will not be hit by rain.

"The weather’s looking pretty good for tomorrow - dry, bright and sunny with only the risk of isolated light showers :)" they write on Twitter @Wimbledon.

Let's see what happens...

1225 GMT: More from Julian on the lack of a reserve day.

"Sunday's problems are also a reflection of the fact that because cricket at top international level is played by far fewer countries than football, the ICC as an organisation has less sway over the fixture list than FIFA, its soccer equivalent," he says.

 "On the other hand, the Champions Trophy is the ICC's tournament. Mind you, when they had a reserve day for the rain-affected 2002 Champions Trophy final in Colombo, both days ended in a washout, with Sri Lanka and India sharing the trophy.

"However, the ICC had taken a chance by staging that tournament in the rainy season in Sri Lanka."

1210 GMT: Some might say the International Cricket Council (ICC) took a risk by not scheduling a reserve day given Britain's infamously wet and cold summers.

Julian Guyer explains the rationale behind that decision.

 "Let's cut to the obvious question: why is there no reserve day for the Champions Trophy final?

"The ICC argue that as an 18-day window for the Champions Trophy was agreed last year, they had to work back from that to create a tournament that was fair to all the eight teams taking part.

"That the overall international schedule is congested can be seen from the fact that India are due to travel to the West Indies on Monday for a one-day tri-series also including Sri Lanka while England face New Zealand in the first of two Twenty20 matches at The Oval on Tuesday."

1155 GMT: Weather forecasters the Met Office are saying there will be likely be "light rain" throughout the afternoon in Birmingham.

"There should be some drier spells however these will be unlikely to last for more than an hour," they say on Twitter @metoffice.

 1140 GMT: As the rain keeps falling, a reminder that, as no reserve day has been scheduled, failure to bowl a minimum of 20 overs would see the Champions Trophy shared.

 This happened in Colombo in 2002 when Sri Lanka and India were joint winners.

 1125 GMT: AFP's Julian Guyer tells us the pitch inspection will now take place "when conditions permit".

 "Weather is now worst it's been all day and prospects for play are not encouraging," he says.

"Now what little colour there is in the ground is being provided by the variety of unfurled umbrellas."

He adds: "Some rained off knockout matches in English county cricket have been decided by bowl-outs in indoor nets -- that option is not available at Edgbaston on Sunday."

1113 GMT: The 12 noon (1100 GMT) pitch inspection is off and lunch will be taken early at 12.30pm (1130 GMT), reports say.

1105 GMT: Not looking good for play to start anytime soon.

AFP's Kuldip Lal tells us: "The weather's getting worse at Edgbaston.

"Rain heavier now and people have already started fearing the worst. If play does not start latest by 4.15pm (1515 GMT) to accommodate 20 overs a side, both teams will be declared joint winners."

1045 GMT: Plenty of water still on the outfield at Edgbaston -- let's see what the umpires decide on whether play can start.

1040 GMT: Pitch inspection due in 20 minutes as the rain eases.

 1027 GMT: More from Julian on the advantage England could gain by batting second.

"England, should the match go that far, will know what they have to get either as a straight score or under the Duckworth/Lewis method for rain-affected matches," he says.

"It's worth remembering a minimum of 20 overs each innings must be bowled for either side to win this match otherwise the trophy will be shared. The 'super over' will only be used in the event of a completed match ending in a tie."

1021 GMT: As the rain delay drags on, AFP's Julian Guyer tells us that the disruption might just favour England.

"As yet, no overs have been lost -- there's an hour's extra playing time allowed," he says. 

"But, somewhat controversially, no reserve day has been schedule for the final of an international tournament held in an English 'summer'.

"At present, the delay might just favour England, who won the toss and fielded -- a decision that still stands despite the delayed start.

 "World champions India have the awkward task of batting first in a match where it now seems likely overs will be lost and working out what a good total is."

1010 GMT: Some of the India fans are entertaining themselves during the rain delay by waving signs with funny slogans.

"Even Prince William has Indian DNA" said one, referring to a recent report in Britain's Times newspaper claiming that the future British king's great-great-great-great-great grandmother was at least half-Indian.

1002 GMT: Before the rain came, legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne was backing India to win. 

"On way to the champions trophy final, who's winning today ? I think India have been the best team in the tournament & will win.. " he wrote on Twitter @warne888.

 But it will be interesting to see when we do get under way whether the rain disruption tips the balance in favour of one side or another.

0942 GMT: And the covers are coming back on again. No cricket for now. It's pretty cloudy at Edgbaston and the floodlights are on.

 0939 GMT: AFP cricket correspondent Kuldip Lal tells us: "India will feel at home at Edgbaston. At least 60 percent of tickets have been bought by Indian supporters, according to some officials.

"The Indian tri-colour clearly outshines the Union Jack in the stands. If only the rain stays away..."

0936 GMT: Good news -- the covers are now coming off.

0934 GMT: AFP cricket correspondent Julian Guyer reports that England are hoping the overcast conditions will favour their swing bowlers, like Jimmy Anderson, when the rain clears.

And England former captain Michael Vaughan predicts the first hour will be crucial.

"If England bowl well in the first hour it could go along way to winning the game..... Anderson v Dhawan..." he writes on Twitter @MichaelVaughan.

0929 GMT: Oh dear -- rain, and the covers come back on, just as the anthems finish. The players leave the pitch just a couple of minutes after they came on.

 0924 GMT: The two teams are now coming out on to the pitch accompanied by fireworks to stand by their national flags for the national anthems. Not long now until it all starts.

 0922 GMT: This being an English summer, rain has been forecast but there are some contingency plans in place. If there are rain delays, a minimum of 20 overs per side (rather than the usual 50) must be bowled for a result to be declared.

But, as no reserve day has been scheduled, failure to bowl the minimum number of overs required would see the trophy shared.

0913 GMT: Here are the two teams in full:

England: Alastair Cook (captain), Ian Bell, Jonathan Trott, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, James Tredwell, James Anderson.

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

 0909 GMT: The game is a sell-out with over half of the tickets reportedly going to India fans. A great day in prospect with the top two ranked teams in the tournament making it through to the final. It could also be a generous payday for those involved -- the winners get $2 million and the runners-up $1 million.

Welcome to AFP’s Live Report on the Champions Trophy final between hosts England and India.

England have never won a major one-day international (ODI) title and winning this match would be a great warm-up for their bid to defend the Ashes, starting next month.

"I'm looking around in the guys' eyes and I know they're ready to play," said captain Alastair Cook ahead of the final.

India, winners of the World Cup at home in 2011, proved worthy of their number one ranking by cruising to the final with four straight wins -- the last three by emphatic eight-wicket margins.

England won the toss and will bowl first, with Cook hoping to take advantage of cloudy conditions at Edgbaston in Birmingham to secure an early breakthrough.

England are bringing in Tim Bresnan to their team in place of Steven Finn, while India field an unchanged side.

Stay with us for all the action.

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